Bont swiss 167 bearings - 7mm


Bont swiss 167 bearings.

Improve your acceleration. Being small in size, the 167 bearing offers the highest acceleration of any bearing on the market. Exactly what you need in Derby. Derby is all about acceleration. Every time you take off or sprint it takes energy. Smaller bearings take less energy to get up to speed and combined with the weight advantage your ability to accelerate and sprint will improve with 167 bearings.

At only 4g per bearing (one third of a normal skate bearing), It is also the lightest bearing on the market which also helps with acceleration. The bearing has double shields to stop dirt getting in.

The 167 bearing has an outer diameter of 16mm (the same as a standard mini bearing) and an inner diameter of 7mm hence the name 167. They fit Bont wheels that are made to fit 16mm bearings.

You will need an adapter if you have wheels that take standard 22mm outer diameter bearings. The adapters weigh one gram each and are sold separately to the bearings.

These bearings come in a pack of 16 and fit 7mm axles.

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